Solar panels installed on a roof in Calgary and Edmonton Alberta
Evalence renewables

Solar Panel Installation in Edmonton and Calgary

We install solar panels, battery storage and EV chargers for residential and commercial properties. Serving Edmonton, Calgary and Greater Alberta area. From designing solar PV systems for logistics companies, to installing electric vehicle solutions in single-family homes - we don't shy away from electrification.

Join thousands and save $1000's on energy costs by adding renewables to your home. Contact us to find out how.

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Our Memberships:
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Our Services

Renewable Solutions for Solar and EV Charging

Join us on our journey to electrify Alberta. We're one of the leading installers of electric vehicle chargers and energy management systems in the province. We have a vast internal catalog of products for energy management, solar, panels, and electric vehicle chargers to fully customize every electric installation to meet cost, access, and electrical capacity limitations.

Our locations

Supporting Renewable Projects Across Alberta

With locations in Edmonton and Calgary, we've got a team to support you wherever your project takes us!

sunset over solar panels.

Calgary Solar Services

940 6th Ave SW, Suite 200, Calgary AB.

Solar installed on a white estate style home in De Winton, Ab.

Edmonton Solar Services

12540 60 St NW, Edmonton AB.

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Solar panels on homes in Edmonton and Calgary
our story

A group of industry professionals, doing solar differently.

Like many professionals in Alberta, our core team got our start in heavy industry (mining, oil and gas, construction). The scale of these environments provided our team with valuable project management expertise and a can-do attitude. From the beginning of the value chain, our team saw the potential for renewable adoption in Western Canada, and decided we wanted to be more than just a part of it - we wanted to accelerate it.

electrician installing the mounting clips on a solar array with a power drill and gloves.
Solar installed on a white estate style home in De Winton, Ab.
Our mission

Electric Performance in Renewable Infrastructure Design & Construction

Every solar or electric vehicle charging installation must exceed our standards for electric performance. Creating future ready infrastructure is our priority - it must work for today, and tomorrow's needs. For commercial projects, even a trial installation must be designed in a modular fashion with consideration for project add-ons and energy management as demands change. In residential, this can be as simple as up-sizing on wire gauge for that inevitable second electric vehicle coming in the future. For us, it's about having a thoughtful approach so our clients are ready for anything.

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What our clients say about us

Electrician in garage kneeling on the ground. He is using a large drill to prepare a hole in the garage.

“Great install... I think this company will be in my Rolodex for referrals and further work”

Every installation should and can be great with the right preparation and strategy. On installation day, our field crews make it look as easy as assembling IKEA furniture.

Wallbox charger installed by Evalence. Mounted on a white wall.
Tracey S.
Calgary, AB.

“I would highly recommend anyone... to seriously consider Evalence as your contractor of choice"

Our top-notch attention to detail, and obsession with renewable project execution is our advantage.

Electrician using a mobile phone to connect the wallbox charger to the network.
Steve S.
Calgary, AB.
Calgary warehouse with 4 electric vehicle chargers mounted on the building.
Two electricians on a steep pitched roof. They are tied off with safety harnesses and installing a panel onto a racking system.

“Obviously very qualified”

Education and training are a major differentiator for our company. Every member of our team completes an internal renewable training program. This means everyone from the operations manager, to the electrical apprentice understands the "why" behind our work.

Charger installed on white background.
George G.
Edmonton, AB.