Professionals in renewable project development.

We're equipped to handle your next major renewable project. From grid-tied ground mounted solar arrays for agriculture, to electric fleet charging strategies and everything in between. We bring our challenger mindset to bring clarity to the complexities of your project.


Evalence values

Our values guide the way we treat our customers, and how we approach project development. We seek to add value whenever possible, and to create infrastructure with longevity to support our high standard of living in Alberta.

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We're not satisfied with good enough. We innovate to provide the best solutions available, and obsess over every detail. From the proposal, to the execution, we must exceed expectations.

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We under-promise, and over-deliver. We strive to be the type of group you'd feel comfortable doing a handshake deal with.

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Technical solutions, don't have to be complicated. Our proposals and language is appropriate for your team's technical expertise. Our solutions require minimal long-term maintenance and operating procedures.

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Infrastructure for today and tomorrow. Future generations must be considered with project development to reduce the overall life of project cost.

our story

Our journey to green the grid started in heavy industrial.

Our team has a strong history of civil project execution in Alberta and British Columbia for mining, civil, and transmission projects. From our front-line experiences, we noticed increasing appetite for renewable development and ESG incorporation in day to day business. At the time, these concepts were future ideas which we would strive towards "when the technology caught up". These concepts included fully electric haul trucks, and solar incorporation into remote work camps.

Evalence knew these projects would take thoughtful design, and creative problem solving to become a reality. We made the choice to seize the opportunity to solve these challenges and build renewable capacity in Edmonton and Calgary.

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The Opportunity

Why we're bullish on solar and ev charging infrastructure in Alberta.

Solar and EV charging infrastructure development in Alberta is accelerating quickly. New electric vehicle registrations are expected to double year over year for the next three years. Solar microgeneration applications are at a record level, and solar installation companies have months long waiting lists for residential installation.

Many factors are creating attractive incentives for renewable development in Edmonton and Calgary. Geographically, our region receives more sun than any other Canadian province. The same solar panel installed in Calgary, will produce far more than one installed in Vancouver. This means our installations can be smaller, and more efficient, to meet our needs resulting in a higher return on investment.

We see renewable demand continuing to increase in Alberta over the coming decades. As Edmonton and Calgary continue to grow the demand for clean electricity will increase, and Evalence will be here to support with innovative renewable solutions.

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Proud Members of Solar Alberta and the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta (EVAA)

Solar Alberta

Solar Alberta's mission is to accelerate Alberta’s transition to a just and sustainable energy future, we advocate, educate, and serve as an industry and community hub for solar energy. Formed in 1991, Solar Alberta is a non-profit society that believes solar energy and solar-related technologies are key to a sustainable and just energy future in Alberta.

Evalence supports Solar Alberta's mission, and appreciates their commitment to educating members of industry and the general public about solar energy and technologies.

Evalence is displaying its membership with Solar Alberta. Solar Alberta logo indicates good standing solar organization.

Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta

The Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta (EVAA) was founded on Earth Day 2014 to spread awareness, instil excitement, and promote adoption of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure in Alberta.

They see the need for real-world interaction with citizens and governments alike as a key element in achieving our goals. The EVAA has collaborated with organizations including the Pembina institute to develop industry guidelines about electric vehicle charging for multi-unit residential.

electric vehicle association of Alberta (EVAA) logo. Evalence is a member of this group.

Operating in Edmonton and Calgary


Frequently asked questions

Does Evalence Offer Warranty?

Yes. All of our ev charging installations come with a one year workmanship warranty.

Are you based in Edmonton or Calgary?

We have offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and employ team members in both cities and surrounding areas.

Do you have examples or previous successful projects?

We have many examples of successful projects under our belt. Our team has completed complex residential installations for solar and ev charging projects, and is growing our commercial division with several successful ev charging projects. We are absolutely the right group to complete your next big project.

What other work does Evalence do?

We call ourselves a renewables company because we're interested in everything renewables and green infrastructure. This includes EV charging, solar, battery storage, and energy management for residential and commercial.