Commercial EV Charging Installation and Design in Calgary and Edmonton

At Evalence, our electrification journey began with electric vehicle charging installations, positioning us as a leading provider of EV charging stations in the province. Our expertise in the EV charging experience is reflected in the diverse range of commercial EV charging stations we have successfully installed. From basic single NEMA 14-50 plugs to advanced multi-charger installations featuring load-sharing capabilities, we offer the cutting-edge technology solutions your company needs. We specialize in implementing paid EV charging solutions, providing white-label charger management, and ensuring ongoing maintenance and support for a seamless EV charging experience.

We're more than an installation partner, we are also a product expert in a wide range of energy management technologies to manage your new EV load, with pre-existing building loads. We're brand agnostic - meaning we can present options for many different manufacturers and software providers to find the ideal solution for your budget and installation requirements. This list includes Chargepoint, Flo, Wallbox, ABB, Juicebox, Siemens, and more.

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Calgary warehouse with 4 electric vehicle chargers mounted on the building.
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Several electric vehicle chargers installed at a warehouse. They are installed on the wall and it fresh snow is on top.

Our team works with your building's stakeholders to determine the optimal strategy for community charging. This can be a free-use system, membership system (RFID Scanners), or pay-per-use installation.

With our pay-per-use suite of solutions we can enable payment by credit card using a web application or app. As the operator you can set the rate, collect payments, and monitor your ev charging network from the cloud. This solution is great for parking lot operators, multi-unit residential, and corporations with several properties under management.

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Commercial EV Charger Deployment Strategy and Installation Support.

Installing commercial EV charging stations requires a complete strategy to reduce overall installation costs, and maximize the return on investment. Our process involves more than just installing EV charging stations, we must also consider the existing electrical infrastructure right from the beginning. Many buildings don't have the capacity to install EV chargers without energy management systems, and load sharing on branch circuits. Evalence completes an evaluation on the building electrical load, and can recommend software and hardware energy management solutions.

Several electric vehicle chargers installed on the wall of a warehouse building.

Commercial EV Charging Use Cases

Electric vehicle charging is site specific. Installing a Commercial EV charging station at a hotel may have vastly different requirements compared to setting up DC fast chargers at a grocery store, where charging speed is crucial for customer traffic.

We provide solutions for a diverse range of business applications in Alberta. Our clients are often innovative, forward-thinking individuals who seek to assist with the electrification of our road network. Whether your looking for a simple level 2 plug installation for your small-business, or an array of level 3 chargers along the Queen Elizabeth II Highway we can help you. Every installation is unique and has its own opportunities to maximize value for the owner and the community.

Multi-Unit Residential

Residents in building complexes are beginning to demand electric vehicle charging capabilities. Some jurisdictions, like Vancouver, are even requiring that new developments ensure every parking space is prepared for ev charging.

Solutions for multi-unit residential generally include systems with energy management and load sharing along charging circuits. Residents can pay-per-use, or scan an RFID token to enable charging. Building operators can then bill users for the electricity consumed monthly, catering to EV drivers' needs.

Commercial Fleet Charging

Commercial fleet charging typically demands high performance and fast charging speeds, especially for fleets that include Tesla vehicles or any other smart electric vehicle. These vehicles must be fully fuelled everyday when they're relied upon for work activities.

Commercial fleets need fast chargers to operate efficiently, which may demand significant electrical capacity. Depending on the required performance, transformer upgrades might be necessary to ensure sufficient capacity for a fast charger.

Level 3 - DC Fast Charging for Business

Level 3 DC Fast Charging Stations are essential for businesses with quick turnaround times. Think gas stations, rest-stops, and businesses with fleets of electric delivery vehicles and electric buses.

These fast charging solutions require thorough planning to ensure they have the capacity and reliability to meet the high demands of businesses, enhancing customer traffic and service efficiency.

Screenshot of chargelab software for monitoring ev chargers.

EV Charger Management and Payment Processing

Payment processing is a must for creating the ideal charging solution. ChargeLab is the premier software for managing chargers, setting custom pricing settings, and controlling access.

Why is cloud monitoring for ev charging important?

Your investment in ev charging infrastructure must be monitored to ensure performance and longevity. Electric vehicles consume large amounts of electricity when charging at level 2 and level 3 stations. Managing payments to ensure fair and equitable assignment of electricity costs can be important for mult-unit residential stakeholders, building tenants, and public charging stations.


Electric vehicles are the future.

Your investment in ev charging infrastructure must be monitored to ensure performance and longevity. Electric vehicles consume large amounts of electricity when charging at level 2 and level 3 stations. Managing payments to ensure fair and equitable assignment of electricity costs can be important for mult-unit residential stakeholders, building tenants, and public charging stations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Charging

Why partner with Evalence instead of an OEM manufacturer?

Partnering with Evalence gets you access to multiple charger manufacturers and software providers. During our scoping process we provide multiple options, to maximize the value of your project. No installation is the same, and its wise to consider a range of solutions. We've installed Tesla, Autel, ABB, Wallbox, Chargepoint, Flo, and Zerova paired with ChargeLab and SWTCH solutions.

Is Evalence Local to Alberta?

Evalence has offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and employ team members in both cities and surrounding areas. We live in Alberta, and are invested in supporting the successful energy transition of our province.

How much does it cost to install Level 2 charging in my workplace?

The cost to install level 2 charging can range from a few hundred dollars, to several thousand. The good news with commercial charging, is the benefit of economies of scale. Installing one charger often requires infrastructure upgrades, that can be utilized to install several chargers at the same time.

Do you have energy management solutions for buildings limited by their electrical service capacity?

Yes - energy management is our speciality. Our team has access to several electronic, and mechanical energy management devices which can allow for multiple chargers to be added without expensive service upgrades. We typically will employ load sharing among multiple charging hubs, which is a great solution to install multiple chargers on the same circuit.

Does Evalence complete the electrical installation project scope?

We are involved from project conception to completion. Our team is vertically integrated and we offer design, permitting, construction, installation, and servicing support. We don't outsource any central aspects of our projects, but we do bring in other partners for certain aspects like finishing, painting, and directional drilling as required.

Why should my business consider installing ev chargers?

Installing ev chargers at your business is a great opportunity to attract customers and employees with electric vehicles. Certain businesses with long customer dwell times like hotels, can benefit immensely from providing ev charging amenities for customers. Many electric vehicle owners cite access to charging as a major consideration when choosing a place to stay while travelling.

Additionally, ev chargers can be an opportunity to generate an additional stream of income for your business. Conveniently located ev chargers can be a great revenue source, while also providing a valuable service.

How many ev chargers should my business install?

Businesses should consider the demand for ev charging at their locations, and plan installation numbers to meet demand while also balancing installation costs. Often times, the cost to install ev chargers will decrease as you install more of them. This is due to the higher upfront infrastructure costs needed to support a charger, that do not need to be repeated when installing multiple.

We recommend that businesses consider installing 2-4 ev chargers to get started, and monitor customer usage before adding more. When planning an installation, we incorporate elements to "future proof" and make additional chargers more economical to install.

What are the costs associated with installing commercial EV chargers?

Installing a level 2 electric vehicle charger will range from approximately $2,500 - $6,500. This price will depend on the buildings electrical system, available electrical capacity, and the installation location.

Evalence always completes a thorough site assessment to identify opportunities to get your business charging as cost effectively as possible.

Are there government incentives or rebates available for businesses installing EV chargers?

Yes. The Government of Canada has provided funding for a program called ZEVIP (Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program), which promotes commercial ev charging infrastructure development by offering funding covering up to 50% of project costs. Evalence can support with ZEVIP applications, and is always on the lookout for more funding opportunities.

In previous years we supported our customers with applying for Alberta based grant funding through
Municipal Climate Change Action Center (MCCAC). This program is currently closed for applications.

How can commercial ev chargers generate revenue for my business?

Installing a commercial ev charger in a high demand location is a great opportunity to sell charging services to electric vehicle drivers. With charging as a service, operators will typically sell electricity by the minute or the kwh. The price to charge is up to the charger owner, but will be high enough to cover the costs of maintenance and electricity usage while generating a profit.

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