Commercial EV Charger Installation

Charge your electric fleet and customer vehicles efficiently.

Ford Lightning electric pickup truck charging at a Chargepoint Level 3 charger in alberta.
Electric Vehicle Charging Services

With experience in commercial level 2 and level 3 charging, Evalence is equipped to next commercial upgrade. Evalence is your electrification partner for Commercial EV. Three reasons why we're leading electric performance:

  • In-House Expertise - High performance systems designed and installed by professionals. We don't subcontract our design, permitting, installation, or servicing unlike many of our competitors.
  • Unbeatable service - We are proud to provide high quality service from installation to aftercare. Our 5 star reviews are representative of our interest in serving customers.
  • Customizable Solutions - By conducting thorough site assessments and energy usage analyses, we ensure that every system maximizes efficiency and cost savings. We collaborate closely with stakeholders, creating charger installations for optimal performance and satisfaction.
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Why Evalence for yourCommercial Charging Installation?
futuristic level 3 charger with porche charging.

Reason 1

Built for Canadian Climate

Imagine showing up to a fuel pump in the middle of winter, low on fuel - and the pump is broken. In Canada, charger reliability is a key component for electric performance.

Evalence EV charging experts are equipped with the latest charging technology to ensure your vehicle is fueled when you need it, everyday.

Wallbox fleet setup with nissan vehicles charging in parkade.

Reason 2

Smart EV Energy Management Tech

Evalence are experts in energy management technology for electric vehicle charging.

Whether you are looking for charging for 2 vehicles or 200, Evalence has the expertise to manage the new infrastructure load to charge these assets efficiently

Commercial electrician working on a complicated commercial communications switchboard.

Reason 3

Commercial Electrical Expertise

The Evalence team is composed of electrical and civil engineers, master- and journeyperson electricians, and experienced supervisors that can get your project done on-time and on-budget.

Ford Lightning electric pickup truck charging at a Chargepoint Level 3 charger in alberta.



Five Star Reviews

Why Choose Evalence?

We're one of the leading installers of electric vehicle chargers and energy management systems in the province. We have a vast internal catalog of products for energy management and electric vehicle chargers to fully customize every electric installation to meet cost, access, and electrical capacity limitations.

  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Commercial Electrical and Project Managment Expertise
  • Best technology
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Our Commercial EV Charging Solutions
Chargepoint Level 2 charger pedestal in parking garage.



3 - 22kW

Recommended For

Workplaces, Overnight parking

Time To Charge*

16 - 4 hr.

L3 Fast Charger by Chargepoint.

Fast Charge


100 - 350 kW

Recommended For

Commute, Quick Charge

Time To Charge*

30 - 10 min.

ABB fast charger sketch.

Ultra Fast Charge


300 - 600 kW

Recommended For

Construction Equipment,
bus, and semi

Time To Charge*

< 15 min

Recent Projects

Our Recent Projects in Calgary and Edmonton:

Commercial EV Charging

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    4 x Level 2 EV Charger Installation

This logistics company needed a solution to charge fleet vehicles fast.

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Our Process
  1. 30 seconds
    Complete Questionaire, Request a Quote

    Complete the questionaire, one of our representatives will be in touch to book to
    confirm and book a site assessment

  2. 1 hour
    Complimentary EV Consultation

    We will provide a complimentary EV site assessment to discuss your EV charging goals

  3. If required, 2-3 weeks
    Feasibility Study & Proposal

    If your project requires an advanced study, we will complete a study to confirm your project cost.

  4. 1-3 weeks for installation, new services require additional 2-3 months for permitting

    Our expert team will arrive on site and install your EV charging solution

Why now?

Governments are offering millions through low-interest loans and grants to improve the energy efficiency of their home.
Take advantage today.

Zero Emission Vehicle Infrsastructure Program

The Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) provides funding towards the deployment of electric vehicle (EV) chargers and hydrogen refuelling stations across Canada.

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  • 50%
    Capital costs covered up to
  • 0%
Investment Tax Credit

New for 2024, the Canadian Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a promising federal program that will provide a refundable tax rebate up to a 30% of a solar project's capital cost.

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  • $40,000
    Up to
  • 30%
    Tax Rebate on Project Capital Cost
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Evalence Offer Solar Installation Warranty?

Yes of course! We offer a standard solar workmanship warranty of 5 years on all solar installations.  Additionally, most of our components come with a standard 10 year manufacturer warranty + up to 25 year solar performance warranties. 

Do you install solar in Edmonton or Calgary?

We have offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and employ team members in both cities and surrounding areas.

Can the ITC rebate be recaptured by the government?

Yes, a recapture of the credit received will apply if the property is converted to a non-eligible use, disposed of or exported from Canada within 10 years of the date it was acquired.

Can the ITC be stacked with other incentives?

The ITC is calculated net of other incentives. The capital cost base on which the ITC is calculated must be adjusted for any other ITCs applicable to the property. Furthermore, where the taxpayer has received assistance, either from the government or non-government organizations, the ITC is calculated on the cost base of the equipment net of any financial assistance received.

What types of connectors are used at EV fast charging stations?

EV fast charging stations commonly use connectors such as CHAdeMO, CCS (Combined Charging System), and Tesla's proprietary Supercharger connector. The choice of connector depends on the vehicle's manufacturer and region, but most stations support multiple types to accommodate different EV models.

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle at a fast charging station?

Charging times at fast charging stations vary based on factors like the vehicle's battery size, the starting charge level, and the station's power output. As a general guideline, EVs can charge to 80% in approximately 30 minutes at a fast charging station, though newer technologies and higher power stations may reduce this time further.

Are there different levels of fast charging stations?

Yes, there are different levels of fast charging stations categorized by their power output. Level 2 DC fast chargers typically operate at 50 kW to 150 kW, while ultra-fast chargers can exceed 350 kW. The higher the power output, the faster the charging speed, but the compatibility and charging capabilities may vary depending on the EV model and its charging specifications.

How does EV fast charging perform in the winter?

EV fast charging in winter can be affected by lower battery efficiency and slower charging speeds due to cold temperatures. Preconditioning systems help mitigate these effects by warming the battery before charging, optimizing performance. Despite challenges, modern EVs and fast charging stations are designed to maintain efficient charging even in colder conditions, ensuring practical usability year-round.

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