Commercial Solar Panel Installation and Design in Calgary and Edmonton

Evalence is your partner for commercial solar development. From ground mounted solar arrays for your agricultural operation, to solar roofs on your tenant occupied warehouse, we're the team to implement your solar energy strategy.

We're not just an installation team, we're your vertically integrated renewables partner. We bring design capabilities in-house, paired with flawless execution by our electrical implementation team. We continue to stay updated on the latest industry technology and trends so that your installation can have the highest return on investment, and longevity for the future.

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Every solar project starts with a commercial solar assessment. This is a detailed report outlining potential opportunities to incorporate solar into your existing facilities. We will highlight the potential return on investment for solar implementation strategies, and give you insight into solar project economics.

Once we have a starting point, our team will work with yours to refine the project proposal to maximize grant funding incentives and perfect the project plan. At Evalence, we believe high performance in the planning stage leads to high performing installations. The attention to detail, and concierge level experience we bring to our projects shows in the quality of our deliverables.

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Commercial Solar Assessment and Quote Process

Solar is major financial investment for your business, and it's crucial that your installation meets your internal investment criteria and performs as modelled. Companies are under increased scrutiny for ESG related policies from investors who are frustrated with industry greenwashing tactics, and underperforming token installations. We can help present the business case clearly to your management team, and set realistic expectations for the solar production you can expect from your array.

Your commercial solar investment should meet your electrical needs, reduce reliance on the grid, and have a positive impact on your planet. All three of these factors are important, and can co-exist.

electrician installing the mounting clips on a solar array with a power drill and gloves.

Three Reasons to Pursue Commercial Solar with Evalence

We're a small team of professionals with a passion for successfully executing renewables projects. If you desire a high level of service, with boutique level solar expertise than you've come to the right renewables company.

Connect with an Owner, not a Sales Rep

We're not a sales organization. Commercial project development requires a high degree of competence and qualification that can't be matched by an ordinary sales rep.

You need to work directly with a decision maker that can navigate ambiguity and deliver on their promises.

Endless Customization To Perfect Your Solar Installation.

Every commercial solar installation has it's own unique characteristics, requirements, and challenges. Therefore, we work with several different suppliers to ensure we can procure a range of products to meet your needs.

When it comes to larger commercial projects, even small changes like the angle a solar panel sits on racking can make a major impact on the project economics.

Strong Relationships Make for Good Partnerships.

Relationships are at the core of the commercial projects we complete. We seek longevity with our partnerships, and don't view individual projects as transactional. We know when your solar installation is completed you will be calling us back for the next one!

Commercial Solar Offset Credits

Solar offset credits can be a lucrative opportunity for your business to improve the solar installation payback period. The process is quite simple to register, and Evalence can ensure your project is eligible to meet the requirements for the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Program.

How are carbon credits calculated?

Carbon credits are calculated based on your systems actual electricity (kWh) production numbers. This is measured and submitted on a yearly basis, based on the systems micro-inverter production numbers. A verification process is completed and your solar production is commoditized into a tradable solar credit. This can be sold to companies that require carbon credits (Oil and Gas, Mining, Heavy Industry), or used by your company to meet it's emission goals.


Frequently asked questions

Does Evalence Offer Warranty?

Yes. All of our ev charging installations come with a one year workmanship warranty.

Are you based in Edmonton or Calgary?

We have offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and employ team members in both cities and surrounding areas.

Do you have examples or previous successful projects?

We have many examples of successful projects under our belt. Our team has completed complex residential installations for solar and ev charging projects, and is growing our commercial division with several successful ev charging projects. We are absolutely the right group to complete your next big project.

What other work does Evalence do?

We call ourselves a renewables company because we're interested in everything renewables and green infrastructure. This includes EV charging, solar, battery storage, and energy management for residential and commercial.