Commercial Solar System Design & Installation

Save 1000’s on energy costs by installing solar and battery storage for your business.

Commercial warehouse with solar panels pitched on edge of roof.
Evalence Solar Services

With in-house solar design and installation services, Evalence is equipped to handle your next major renewable energy project. Evalence is your electrification partner for Commercial Solar. Three reasons why we're your preferred solar partner:

  • In-House Expertise - High performance solar systems designed and installed by professionals. Our team brings a wealth of experience in electrical, structural, and operations management business lines.
  • Serviceability & Reliability - Solar designed for Canadian winters by minimizing critical system failure points and planning infrastructure for simplicity and cost savings on long-term maintenance.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Maximization - By conducting thorough site assessments and energy usage analyses, we ensure that every system maximizes efficiency, cost savings, and grant eligibility. We collaborate closely with stakeholders, creating solar installations that align with their specific energy goals for optimal performance and satisfaction.
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Why Solar for your business?

Reason 1

Save $1,000, $100,000s on Electricity

Electricity costs have doubled over the past three years. Protect your business against fluctuations in energy price and make your own power. Evalence commercial solar solutions often save customers thousands in energy savings and lower their operating cos.

electricians installing commercial solar on a pitched roof.

Reason 2

Accelerated Return-on-Investment

‍As your partner in electric performance, we provide a comprehensive solution to capitalize on Renewable Energy Credits and government incentives that are available for your project. Accelerate your project ROI with Evalence.

Electrician walking on roof with solar.

Reason 3

Commercial Electrical Expertise

The Evalence team is composed of electrical and civil engineers, master- and journeyperson electricians, and experienced supervisors that can get your project done on-time and on-budget.

Electrician installing teck wire into cable raceway in an electric vehicle dealership.
2 electricians testing a solar module on a commercial roof.



Five Star Reviews

Why Choose Evalence?

Evalence is one of Alberta’s premier solar installers and is one of the leading installers of solar in the province. We have a vast catalog of products for solar to fully customize every solar installation to meet cost, design, and performance requirements.

  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Commercial Electrical and Project Managment Expertise
  • Vendor Agnostic - Many Inverter, Racking, and Module Choices.
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Our Commercial Solar Solutions
Flat roof solar system with balasts.



Ballast or anchored solar systems
with 0-20deg inclination.

Metal commercial roof with solar modules.



Roof anchored solar
solutions for pitched roofs.

ground mount solar system.



Ground mounted solar
systems, optimized for sun exposure.

Recent Projects

Our Recent Projects in Calgary and Edmonton:

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Our Process
  1. 30 seconds
    Complete Questionaire, Request a Quote

    Complete the questionaire, one of our representatives will be in touch to book to confirm and book a site assessment

  2. 1 hour
    Complimentary Solar Consultation

    We will provide a complimentary Solar site assessment to discuss your solar goals

  3. If required, 2-3 weeks
    Feasibility Study & Proposal

    If your project requires an advanced study, we will complete a pre-feasibility study to confirm your project cost.

  4. 1-3 weeks for installation, new services require additional 2-3 months for permitting

    Our team will arrive on site and complete the installation.

Why now?

Governments are offering millions in low-interest loans and tax credit incentives for renewable energy projects. They will not be here forever, take advantage today.

Investment Tax Credit

New for 2024, the Canadian Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a promising federal program that will provide a refundable tax rebate up to a 30% of a solar project's capital cost.

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  • $40,000
    Up to
  • 30%
    Tax Rebate on Project Capital Cost
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a commercial solar installation cost?

The cost of a commercial solar installation varies based on factors like system size, equipment quality, installation complexity, and local labor rates. Typically, businesses can expect a return on investment within several years due to energy savings and potential incentives.

Do you install solar in Edmonton or Calgary?

We have offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and employ team members in both cities and surrounding areas.

What maintenance is required for a commercial solar system?

Commercial solar systems generally require minimal maintenance. Periodic inspections, cleaning of solar panels to remove dust and debris, and monitoring of system performance are recommended to ensure optimal energy production.

How long does it take to install a commercial solar system?

The installation timeline for a commercial solar system depends on its size and complexity. On average, installation can take several weeks to a few months, including design, permitting, equipment procurement, and actual installation.

Will installing solar panels disrupt my business operations?

Experienced solar installers work to minimize disruptions during installation. Planning and coordination ensure that business operations can continue smoothly throughout the installation process, with minimal downtime, if any.

How long do commercial solar panels last?

Commercial solar panels are durable and typically come with warranties of 25 years or more. With regular maintenance, panels can continue to generate electricity efficiently well beyond their warranty period.

What happens to excess electricity generated by my commercial solar system?

Excess electricity generated by your commercial solar system can be fed back into the grid, depending on local regulations. This surplus energy can often be credited or sold back to your utility company through net metering or feed-in tariffs.

Can the ITC rebate be recaptured by the government?

Yes, a recapture of the credit received will apply if the property is converted to a non-eligible use, disposed of or exported from Canada within 10 years of the date it was acquired.

Can the ITC be stacked with other incentives?

The ITC is calculated net of other incentives. The capital cost base on which the ITC is calculated must be adjusted for any other ITCs applicable to the property. Furthermore, where the taxpayer has received assistance, either from the government or non-government organizations, the ITC is calculated on the cost base of the equipment net of any financial assistance received.

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