Solar Panel Installation in Calgary & Edmonton

Save $1,000’s on energy costs by installing solar panels on your residential property.

2 evalence employees securing solar modules in place on a roof mounted solar array.
Residential Solar Installation

With in-house design and installation, Evalence is equipped to handle your next major renewable energy project. Evalence is your electrification partner for residential solar:

  • In-House Expertise - High performance systems designed and installed by professionals. We don't subcontract our design, permitting, installation, or servicing unlike many of our competitors.
  • Unbeatable service - We are proud to provide high quality service from installation to aftercare. Our 5 star reviews are representative of our interest in serving customers.
  • Customizable Solutions - By conducting thorough site assessments and energy usage analyses, we ensure that every system maximizes efficiency and cost savings. We collaborate closely with stakeholders, creating bespoke solar installations that align with their specific energy goals and aesthetic preferences, guaranteeing optimal performance and satisfaction.
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Why install solar for your home?

Alberta Electricity Prices ($/kWh)

Reason 1

Electricity is getting expensive

Solar prices have dropped significantly over the past 10 years. For most systems, prices have plateaued well below conventional electricity rates.

Acerage property with solar installed on the roof.

Reason 2

Add to home value

As of 2022, nearly  70% Of Non-Solar Households Are Interested In Solar. - Rocket Mortgage

Solar systems last over 25 years, provide a lower cost of home ownership, and add equity to your home.

An industrial plant polluting the environment.

Reason 3

Reduce Grid Emissions

Alberta’s economy produces 250MT of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) annually. Our collective goal is to get this to zero by 2050. An average sized residential solar array of 5-10kW offsets emissions by 2.5 – 5 T CO2e annually.

Good news - you earn extra cash for carbon credits created by your system too.

detached garage with solar modules installed on top of it. Evalence truck in front of the garage.



Five Star Reviews

Why Solar with Evalence?

Evalence is one of Alberta’s premier solar installers and is one of the leading installers of solar in the province. We have a vast catalog of products for solar to fully customize every solar installation to meet cost, design, and performance requirements.

  • Best-in-class, 12 yr workmanship warranty.
  • 25 year solar module warranty.
  • Professional in-house installation.
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Residential Solar Systems - Roof, Garage, and Ground Mount
Solar panels installed on a roof in Calgary.



Great for homes with South, East, or West roof aspect for sun exposure. The most common residential solar solution.

Solar modules installed on a detached roof in Calgary.



Garages with sufficient roof space, and electrical connection with the main property electrical panel. A great opportunity to add a subpanel, and EV charger to the garage.

Solar modules installed on a ground mounted system.



Ground mounted is best suited for acreage or farms with sufficient sun exposure. A great solution when the home may not be suitable for solar panels, or the quantity is too large for the available roof space.

Recent Projects

Our Recent Projects in Calgary and Edmonton:

Residential Solar

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    7.29 kW South Facing Premium Array in Calgary, Alberta.

This roof is nearly perfect for Solar! These South facing modules are productive year round.

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Residential Solar

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    11.75kW South Facing Premium Array in Calgary, Alberta.

This roof is nearly perfect for Solar! These South facing modules are productive year round.

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Residential Solar

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    6kW Solar in Calgary

6kW solar array installed on a detached garage, with wiring prepared for future EVs.

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Residential Solar

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    De Winton, AB.

De Winton, AB.

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Residential Solar

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    15.39kW solar array installed near the beach!

15.39kW solar array installed near the beach!

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The Solar Quote Process
  1. 30 seconds
    Apply Online

    Submit your electricity bill through our online quote (Link to online quote)

  2. 1 day
    Review and Approve your solar proposal

    Review your expected production, optimize deisign, configure your products from our catalogue

  3. 30-60 days for permitting, 2-3 days for install
    Permitting and Installation

    Applicable electrical, development, building permits, and microgeneration applications will be applied for on your behalf. Once approval is received, Our experts will arrive on site to install your solar system and connect power to your home.

  4. 7 days
    Enjoy Low Cost Power for +25 years

    Turn on your system, and enjoy energy independence.

Why Solar in 2024?

Governments are offering financial incentives through low-interest loans and grants to improve the energy efficiency of homes in Canada.
Take advantage today.

Canadian Greener Homes Loan

To help upgrade their home, homeowners have access to an unsecured $5,000 - $40,000, 10-year term, interest free, personal loan. Customers can use this loan for various energy efficiency upgrades.

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  • $40,000
    Up to
  • 0%
Clean Energy Improvement Program

Homeowners can access $3,000 - $50,000 towards energy efficiency upgrades for their home. This program is administered by various Alberta municipalities including City of Calgary, and City of Edmonton. The loan can be paid over a 20-year term, at attractive interest rates (2-4%).

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  • $50,000
    Up to
  • 2-4%

Customers Love Our Solar Services:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Evalence Offer Solar Installation Warranty?

Yes of course! We offer a standard solar workmanship warranty of 5 years on all solar installations.  Additionally, most of our components come with a standard 10 year manufacturer warranty + up to 25 year solar performance warranties. 

Do you install solar in Edmonton or Calgary?

We have offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and employ team members in both cities and surrounding areas.

How much do solar panels cost for a 1,500 square foot house?

Before grant funding incentives, the average cost to install solar panels for a 1,500 square foot house will range between $14,000-$20,000. This price will range based on the amount of panels required to offset the home electrical usage. This cost can be offset by the $5,000 greener homes grant + other applicable regional grants. For an accurate estimate for installing solar energy systems to your home in Calgary or Edmonton, request a personalized quote from Evalence today.

How many solar panels will I need for my residential home?

The amount of solar panels needed for your home will depend on your electricity usage, location, and roof orientation. The average solar installation is between 5kW to 10kW of total capacity, which equates to between 10-20 solar panels. 

What other work does Evalence do?

We're more than just a solar installer in Edmonton and Calgary! We call ourselves a renewables company because we're interested in everything renewables and green infrastructure. This includes EV charging, solar systems, battery bank storage, and energy management for residential and commercial.

How does residential solar power work in Alberta?

Solar panels are typically installed on South, East, or West facing roof planes to maximize the sun exposure reaching the solar panels. When solar panels are exposed to sun, a reaction occurs and DC power is produced by the solar panels. DC power is converted to AC power (the type used in your household) by the inverter, and then this power is delivered to your home's electrical system. This power can be stored in a battery, or used by home appliances like AC, hot tubs, fridge, light bulbs, or anything consuming electricity.

Excess electricity is sent back to the grid, and the bidirectional home meter records the total flow of electricity from the house. The amount of electricity exported is credited on the electricity bill to reduce the overall home energy cost. The price you pay for electricity, is typically the price you will receive for your exported electricity in Alberta.

How much money can I save with residential solar panels?

The amount you can save is proportional to the amount you currently spend on your electricity bill. With solar systems, you can design to a maximum of 110% of your home usage. If your electricity bill is $200/month, that's how much you could save with solar. It's important to consider that administration and transmision fees will still be present on your bill, so it can be difficult to offset 100%. Battery storage can assist with reducing these fees.

What factors determine how much electricity residential solar panels produce?

The major factors impacting residential solar production is the design of the roof and shading surrounding the property. South facing roof slopes without obstructions from neighbouring homes or trees will result in the most efficient electricity production.

Are there any government incentives or rebates for installing residential solar in Alberta?

Yes. The most commonly used incentive is the Greener Homes Grant & Loan Program. This program offers a $5,000 grant incentive for installing solar panels, and will bundle up to $40,000 of project costs into a 0% loan.

The Clean Energy Improvement Program can also be utilized to finance residential solar projects. The program is distributed by Alberta municipalities for loans up to $50,000 of projects costs with repayment terms up to 20 years. Interest rates vary between municipalities, but range between (2%-4%).

What is the average lifespan of residential solar panels?

Evalence utilizes the highest quality Tier 1 solar panels available in Canada. These panels come with production performance guarantees of up to 30 years.

What maintenance is required for residential solar panels?

Solar panels are generally maintenance free for home owners. Our systems come with monitoring software which can be utilized by our team, and the home owner to monitor solar production. If the monitoring software determines a panel is underperforming, than a service call would be completed to assess the panel condition.

Can I still use electricity from the grid with residential solar panels?

Yes. Most residential solar systems installed in Alberta are grid-tied. This means the home, and the solar system are connected with the electrical grid. We reccommend this set up because it gives home owners the most flexible and robust solution for their needs.

How long does it take to complete the installation of an EV charger?

The installation duration for an EV charger can take several hours to a day, depending on factors such as the type of charger, the wiring complexity, and any modifications needed for your electrical system. The more complex the installation, the more time required to complete it!

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