Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Evalence specializes in EV charging solutions for residential and commercial properties in Alberta.

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EV Charging Solutions

With in-house installation services, Evalence is equipped to install your electric vehicle charger. We're your electrification partner for residential EV:

  • Energy Management Products - Avoid costly service upgrades with innovative energy management products by Wallbox, DCC-12, and PSP Products.
  • Unbeatable service - We are proud to provide high quality service from installation to aftercare. Our 5 star reviews are representative of our interest in serving customers.
  • Customizable Solutions - By conducting thorough site assessments and energy usage analyses, we ensure that you are aware of the options for charging your vehicle at different price points.
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Why install EV Charging in your home?

Reason 1

Fully Fueled EV, Everyday

As an EV owner, there is nothing more frustrating than waking up with a low charge on your vehicle.

Evalence EV charging experts are equipped with the latest charging technology to ensure your vehicle is fueled when you need it, everyday.

Mercedes EQS AMG charging using a wallbox pulsar plus wall charger.

Reason 2

Smart EV Energy Management

Evalence are experts in energy management technology for electric vehicle charging.

Whether you have an air conditioner, hot-tub, or secondary suite, we can leverage our energy managment expertise to maximize your charge rate

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Five Star Reviews

Why EV Charging with Evalence?

We're one of the leading installers of electric vehicle chargers and energy management systems in the province. We have a vast internal catalog of products for energy management, solar, panels, and electric vehicle chargers to fully customize every electric installation to meet cost, access, and electrical capacity limitations.

  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Perfect Charger Fit
  • 3yr Product Warranty
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Our EV Charging Solutions
Nema 14-50 outlet for charging a Tesla Wall connector.



16A - 40A

Recommended For

Small - Mid Range EVs

Time To Charge*

16 - 6.5 hr.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV Charger with Powermeter.



40A - 48A

Recommended For

Mid - Long Range EVs

Time To Charge*

6.5 - 5hr

Ford high powered 80 Amp commercial grade charger.




Recommended For

Long Range EVs - Commercial Fleets

Time To Charge*

3 hr.

Recent Projects

Our Recent Projects in Calgary and Edmonton:

Residential EV Charging

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    This home-owner wanted a turn-key detached garage installation for his two new electric vehicles.

This home-owner wanted a turn-key detached garage installation for his two new electric vehicles.

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Our Process
  1. 1 minute
    Complete Questionaire, Request a Quote

    Complete the online questionaire, one of our representatives will be in touch to book to confirm and book a site

  2. 30 minutes
    Complimentary EV Site Assessment

    We will provide a complimentary EV site assessment to discuss your EV charging options

  3. 1 day for install, 1 day for permit inspection
    Permitting and Installation

    Electricians will arrive at your home to install your EV charging solution. After, the electrician will cordinate a safety
    codes inpection to close-out the installation.

  4. 3 years
    Eat, sleep, charge, repeat

    Workmanship warranty on charger installation.

Our EV Products & Partners
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Customers Love Our Services:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Evalence Offer Warranty?

Yes. All of our EV charging installations come with a one year workmanship warranty.

Do you install solar in Edmonton or Calgary?

We have offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and employ team members in both cities and surrounding areas.

What factors should I consider before installing an EV charger at home?

Before installing an EV charger, consider your available space for installation, the electrical capacity of your home, the type of charger that suits your needs, and anticipate your future charging requirements. Evaluate the distance between the charging location and your parking spot, potential upgrades to your electrical panel, and any necessary permits or permissions required by local regulations.

Can I Install DC Fast Chargers at Home?

DC fast chargers are designed for rapid charging and are typically found at dedicated charging stations, public spaces, along highways, or at tourist destinations. They are not suitable for home installation due to their high power requirements. For home charging, we offer a variety of efficient solutions so that you can say goodbye to gas stations for good!

How do I choose the right type of EV charger for home installation?

Assess the charging speed you require, the power output your vehicle can handle, the type of connectors compatible with your EV, and any smart features that enhance convenience or energy management. Generally, a Level 2 charger (faster charging requiring a dedicated circuit) is recommended because of the fast charge speed. This size charger can dependably charge most electric vehicles from 20% - 80% overnight.

What are the costs associated with installing an EV charger at home?

The costs of installing an EV charger at home can vary based on the price of the charger itself, the installation labor costs (which might involve electrical work and potential upgrades to your home's electrical system), and any necessary permits or inspections. On average, expect installation costs ranging from several hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Are there specific regulations or codes to follow during EV charger installation?

Yes, adhering to the Canadian Electrical Code and local regulations is crucial during the installation of an EV charger. These codes ensure proper wiring, grounding, and safety measures to prevent electrical hazards. Compliance with regulations also avoids legal issues and ensures your home insurance covers the installation.

Can I install multiple EV chargers at home to accommodate multiple vehicles?

It is possible, but will typically require the assistance an installation company like Evalence to incorporate load sharing or electric vehicle energy management systems. Service size upgrades may be required in some instances.Certain chargers like the Wallbox Pulsar Plus, or the Tesla Wall Connector can be paired on a single circuit which reduces the amount of electrical capacity required to charge multiple vehicles.

What permits are necessary for installing an EV charger in Alberta?

A contractor's electrical permit is required for most installations in Edmonton, Calgary, and other Alberta municipalities. The price for this permit can range from $100 - $250.

Is it possible to install an EV charger in a rented property?

Installing an EV charger in a rented property is possible, but it's recommended to ask for approval before modifying your rental's electrical system. A wall mounted charger can be installed so that it can be removed if you move. Discuss the installation plans with your landlord or property management to gain consent and understand any restrictions or requirements. You may also be able to convince your landlord to pay for some (or all) of your installation which may improve the property value.

What maintenance does an EV charger typically require?

An EV charger usually requires minimal maintenance. Regularly inspect the charger for wear, cleanliness, and ensure proper functioning. The charging cord is typically the first part to wear, as it is often dragged near the vehicle and has the potential to be struck while driving into the garage.

Is it possible to upgrade or expand an existing EV charger installation?

Yes, existing EV charger installations can usually be upgraded or expanded. A site assessment it usually recommended as a first step to assess if the electrical wire and breaker can support the proposed charging amperage. If adding more units, load sharing can generally be incorporated into the system to avoid upgrading the circuit.

Where's the optimal location to install an EV charger at home?

The optimal location for installing an EV charger at home is a location near your parking spot. This is typically in your garage, or outside of your home on the driveway. Additionally, a spot within those areas that reduces the overall complexity of running electrical wire will help reduce the cost of installation.

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