Residential Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation

From high powered commercial charging, to simple Nema 14-50 plugs, our team of electricians is prepared for any electric vehicle charger installation. We work with leading manufacturers like Grizzl-E and Wallbox to provide turn-key solutions equipped with energy management for our customers in Edmonton and Calgary. If you have a preferred charger (Autel, BMW, Audi Compact, Tesla wall connector) we've got the skills and experience to install it all - Just ask!

Our installation approach is long-term oriented. We know technology, and electric vehicle accessibility in Alberta is rapidly evolving. Our preference is to recommend infrastructure which will enable the simple addition of future charging ports in your home.

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certified electrician installing an ev-charger in a finished garage.

We've seen a lot of different vehicles and charger combinations come through our quoting system. Everyone's home is different - some have few loads and installing an EV charger is easy. Other's are complicated with basement suites, detached garages, and multiple loads requiring management.

For homes requiring more work to make EV charging accessible, we have a range of products and solutions we can deploy. DCC-12 energy management systems are a high quality universally adaptable product which can be used with any type of electric vehicle charger or plug. We can also use it to manage entire sub-panels, or AC unit loads. Alternatively, the Wallbox Pulsar Plus has a Powermeter energy management add-on that can dynamically manage the ev charging load based on the home's total electrical usage.

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Most residential customers don't realize an electric vehicle charger can be one of the highest powered devices in your home. For example, a 48 amp charger can use almost 50% of the available electricity on a 100 amp panel. This is more than most electric ovens, air conditioners, and dryers!

Given the high electric load from an electric vehicle charger, it's crucial to use the appropriately rated wire gauge, proper breakers, and CSA rated EV chargers and energy management devices.

Mercedes EQS AMG charging in a garage using a wallbox pulsar plus ev-charger.

The residential installation process

EV charging shouldn't be a difficult process. We strive to make installation and quoting as simple as possible with our three step process.

Complete the Assessment

The process starts with completing an assessment of the job scope. This can be initiated through our online assessment form, or you can simply give us a call. We listen to your installation requirements, and make qualified recommendations based on your needs, budget, and home electrical capacity.

What goes into the assessment?

For simple projects, we can quote based on reviewing the online submission and instant quote. Other projects may require an in-person visit. This can be booked around your schedule, including with evening appointment times to avoid your working hours.

Wallbox installed on the outside of a single family residential home above a flower pot.

Approve the Estimate & installation Date

We will provide you a digital estimate good for 30-days, along with an installation date. You can approve the quote online through our digital platform, and reserve your spot. We will even send you a virtual reminder on the day before your installation to ensure you are ready.

What does the quote look like?

The quote is simple to follow and lists the materials, labor, and permitting costs required to complete the installation. It also highlights unique aspects of your installation for awareness such as the potential for access hatches, or if trenching to a detached garage is required.

Audi Compact charger installed with Nema 14-50 outlet in a finished garage in Edmonton.

Our Electricians Get You Charging

Our electricians will arrive during the scheduled window and complete the installation. They will ensure you are satisfied, and confident with your new EV charger set-up. Afterwards you will receive a digital copy of your permit information, and instructions on how to schedule your inspection.

Can I charge immediately after the installation?

Yes! Your installation will be safe and ready for charging as soon as we leave. The permit inspection may still be required, but that does not prevent you from using your charger as soon as necessary... Happy charging!

audi Q3 charging using a walll mounted ev-charger in a garage.
contractor digging a trench for a detached garage residential job using a small orange backhoe.

EV Charging for Detached Garages

Establishing high speed electric vehicle charging in detached garages can be a challenge for home owners. Many electrical companies refuse to do earthworks, however we love the opportunity to use put our equipment to work. We offer excavation services as required, however during the assessment we will always check if simpler (and cheaper) options are available including fishing a larger gauge wire through the existing conduit, or utilizing a garage sub panel.

What does it cost to install an ev charger in a detached garage?

The average cost to install a Nema 14-50 plug for ev charging in a detached garage is about $2,500-$3,000. This starts at about $1,500 more than an attached garage due to the additional labor, equipment, and material required to complete the installation. Trenching can be challenging, and requires extra hands to complete the work. It can also require a trencher, or mini excavator in some cases. For the cable going between the home and the garage, it must be rated for outdoor/underground usage. It will also typically be sleeved in a conduit to protect the cable.


Did you know we install solar too?


Frequently asked questions

Does Evalence Offer Warranty?

Yes. All of our ev charging installations come with a one year workmanship warranty.

Are you based in Edmonton or Calgary?

We have offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and employ team members in both cities and surrounding areas.

Do you have examples or previous successful projects?

We have many examples of successful projects under our belt. Our team has completed complex residential installations for solar and ev charging projects, and is growing our commercial division with several successful ev charging projects. We are absolutely the right group to complete your next big project.

What other work does Evalence do?

We call ourselves a renewables company because we're interested in everything renewables and green infrastructure. This includes EV charging, solar, battery storage, and energy management for residential and commercial.


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