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On average, homeowners can save thousands of dollars over the lifespan of their solar panels. With Evalence's solar quote, you'll receive a tailored estimate based on your energy needs and property details, giving you a clear picture of potential savings. These savings primarily come from reduced or eliminated electricity bills as solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, reducing reliance on grid-based power.

Switching to solar energy can significantly impact your finances in a positive way. By obtaining a solar quote through Evalence, you open the door to substantial long-term savings.

detached garage with solar panels installed on top of it.
Solar panels installed in Mahogany.

The benefits of a solar quote from Evalence extend beyond financial savings. By harnessing clean, renewable energy, you contribute to a sustainable future by reducing your carbon footprint and reliance on non-renewable resources.

Our approach to quoting is generally quite simple. With your address, and electricity bills we can generate a comprehensive quote with pricing, electricity production, and 3D renderings of your home after the installation. We send this directly to your inbox, and allow you time to assess - no high pressure sales meetings here. When you're ready, we can have a discussion and help you get started on your renewable energy journey.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Evalence Offer Solar Installation Warranty?

Yes of course! We offer a standard solar workmanship warranty of 5 years on all solar installations.  Additionally, most of our components come with a standard 10 year manufacturer warranty + up to 25 year solar performance warranties. 

Do you Install Solar in Edmonton and Calgary?

We have offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and employ team members in both cities and surrounding areas.

How much do solar panels cost for a 1,500 square foot house?

Before grant funding incentives, the average cost to install solar panels for a 1,500 square foot house will range between $14,000-$20,000. This price will range based on the amount of panels required to offset the home electrical usage. This cost can be offset by the $5,000 greener homes grant + other applicable regional grants. For an accurate estimate for installing solar energy systems to your home in Calgary or Edmonton, request a personalized quote from Evalence today.

How many solar panels will I need for my residential home?

The amount of solar panels needed for your home will depend on your electricity usage, location, and roof orientation. The average solar installation is between 5kW to 10kW of total capacity, which equates to between 10-20 solar panels. 

Do you have examples or previous successful projects?

We have many examples of successful projects under our belt. Our team has completed complex residential installations for solar and ev charging projects, and is growing our commercial division with several successful ev charging projects. We are absolutely the right group to complete your next big project.

What other work does Evalence do?

We're more than just a solar installer in Edmonton and Calgary! We call ourselves a renewables company because we're interested in everything renewables and green infrastructure. This includes EV charging, solar systems, battery bank storage, and energy management for residential and commercial.