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Our tool will provide you with a comprehensive quote specific to your home installation in Alberta. By completing the questionnaire with information about your vehicle, home electrical capacity, panel, and installation location our calculator will provide you with an estimate on installation cost and suggest products that will work for your needs. Our electricians will use the information you provide to prepare a detailed quote, and streamline the installation process.

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Evalence is a local electrical services company with a presence in Calgary and Edmonton. Our team is pursuing electrification in Alberta by providing high quality solutions for EV Charging, Solar, Battery Storage, and Smart Panels.

How the process works:

Complete the Assessment

The process starts with completing an assessment of the job scope! This can be initiated through our online assessment form, or you can give us a call. We listen to your job requirements, and make qualified recommendations based on your needs, home electrical capacity, and budget.

Approve the Estimate and Installation Date

We will provide you a digital estimate good for 30-days, along with an installation date. You can approve the quote online through our digital platform, and reserve your spot. We will even send you a virtual reminder on the day before we arrive to ensure you are ready.

Our Electricians Handle the Rest

Our electricians will arrive during the scheduled window and complete the installation. They will ensure you are satisfied, and confident with your new EV charger set-up. Afterwards you will receive a digital copy of your permit information, and instructions on how to schedule your inspection.

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A team of reliable and experienced electrical and project management professionals

Our team brings a depth of electrical and construction management experience to your project. We start with your companies aspirational vision and then work backwards to account for every nut and bolt needed to make it happen.

Let's face it - our infrastructure wasn't built with high performance charging and solar in mind. It takes thoughtful design to update, improve, and manage yesterday's infrastructure while balancing our desires for tomorrow.


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