How much can you save by switching to solar + ev in Alberta?

We publish intuitive tools to understand the potential pay back period of solar and electric vehicle adoption in Alberta. Calculate how much you can save on gasoline by switching to an electric vehicle, potential solar offset credits, and more.

Savings calculators

Evalence Renewable Payback Tools

We supply solar and ev-charging calculators in good faith for public education purposes. These tools do not guarantee savings. The calculators perform simple calculations for entertainment and education only. Seek independent financial advice.

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Electric Vehicle - Gas Savings Calculator

Find out how much you could save on fuel costs by switching to an electric vehicle. As gasoline continues to become more expensive, ev's present promising opportunities to reduce fuel costs.

EV Fuel Savings Calculator

Solar - Carbon Credit Calculator

Find out how much you could be eligible for by registering your residential solar array and selling carbon credits. Delivered by our partner at Solar Offset, it's an easy way to sweeten your solar payback period.

Carbon Credit Calculator
Why do we publish ev and solar savings calculators?

Renewable education resources specific to Alberta are necessary to change minds.

Have you ever started a conversation with someone about renewables, and realized quickly that it was going down a familiar and dreary path? Common tripes like, "Solar doesn't work in Edmonton", and, "Electric vehicles are a fad, and don't make sense for Canadian winters" are unfortunately common beliefs in Alberta.

Sometimes showing is better than telling. We love how calculators give people the option to manipulate assumptions like gas and electricity prices. It gives people the freedom to explore, and create calculations based on a scenario which they buy into.

Rows of industrial solar panels on a ground mounted system.